Everyone wants a good recruiter


Some get a good recruiter, some get a great recruiter, and the lucky few get the best.  EIC is the best recruiting firm you will find, bar none. 


Jon M. Ferns,

President, EIC

EIC is a professional Recruiting Agency.  We Specialize in providing IT, Medical and Process Control Engineers. We have a rapidly growing practice in: Medical personnel from LPN through DPN's and PA's to Chief of Surgery.  


We also have a sub specialty of Safety Engineers that include PSM, with PHA, LOPA, and Hazop Facilitators.


We provide SIS Engineers, to include FEL, SIL, SIS, CFSE's and TUV's.  We provide these people on an as needed basis for Contract or Project work by the hour or by the Project. 


EIC provides Placement Services, where any skill set within Medical,  IT or Engineering that a client may  need, and we find THAT person.  Founded in 1989, EIC is one of the oldest and most respected agencies in the Houston area. 


Although our offices are now in Sugarland Texas, we have not forgotten the Medical, Oil and Gas and IT Industries that made us what we are today. 


If you want Great Customer Service, Reasonable Pricing and Outstanding Results, call EIC, because EIC means Business.